Tony riding Rugby the fiesty Appendix Quarter Horse.

Tony Sanders Riding Appendix Quarter Horse Rugby

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So what does Sanders know about horses and cowboys? What gives him the right to ....?

Good question.

Tony fell off his first horse racing along a fence-line expecting to continue straight when the horse was thinking of the feedbag back at the barn and took a hard left turn at an unanticipated gate. Needless to say how that turned out.

Latter his buddy Gary Mazzoleni brought him out to go riding at Gary's grandfather's ranch. "Okay boys, but first I need your help cleaning out these stalls," up to their eyeballs in fresh AND aged manure they were busy. Heaven came four hours later when they were loping across the beige grassy fields along the San Francisco bay.

Hot on the heels of the exquisite Robin Strecker, she took him riding at the horse barns along the bluffs south of Corona Del Mar, California. She apparently had all the wherewithal to make a horse do what ever she wanted it to. Tony on the other hand couldn't get his nag to stop eating and keep up with the rest of the caravan.

After classes in equine care, training on how to pick up leads, hours practicing to keep heels down and sit deep in the saddle Sanders leased a horse. If you don't know the responsibility of that, look it up. And then another horse was added and then another and another and so on and so forth ad nauseam.

Sanders was forced to take over a hundred acre slot in Mageska Canyon, California, keeping and boarding as many as thirty head of caballos, pigs, turkeys, chickens, dogs, cats, female roommates and various sundry varieties of living creatures ... and a garden.

Rusty Richards, world famous tenor, member of the Son's of the Pioneers, crackerjack cowboy and Tony's cross canyon neighbor at the time, taught him to shoe horses. He got pretty good at it. "At what, teaching Tony to shoe or Tony got good at farrier work?" There is no harder work on the face of the planet as hoof care. A -- horses are big. B -- they have very small brains. C -- they are inconsistent and willful creatures with enough horse sense to realize they can lean on you, while you're bent over holding up one of their feet, to make themselves more comfortable.

Rusty also taught Tony how to get Gypsy, the gray appaloosa mare, to walk into a travel trailer. He used the cowboy method, the preferred method used by ninety percent of your cowboys. There's a song about it.

Question: "Why do indians ride appaloosas?" Answer: "So they are good and mad when they get there." Or insert your adverb of the moment.

If that's not enough to authenticate Sanders' right to go on and on about stuff, and write a book about the old west, well ........ there's more.

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We have books, scarves, thoughts on life and a special interest in wholesome fun.

Tony's Bio, the short one.

Born and raised in Southern California in 1953, Tony Sanders has dedicated his life to all aspects of the creative arts. His first short narrative "Fresh Vegetables - A Book of Poetry" was published in 1972. However most of his writing has been for corporate and advertising requirements. But the critic in him continuously finds his way into newspapers for such things as restaurant and art reviews. From 2002 through 2009 he wrote, photographed, and produced in excess of seven million dollars worth of nurse recruitment advertising ads. Mostly for commercial use he has written an armload of scripts for TV spots, music videos and corporate product videos.

He began shooting photographs at age seven and processed them in a darkroom made of cardboard boxes in his parent’s garage. Even though finding the materials becomes more difficult day by day, his passion to shoot and process large format 8x10 negatives won’t go away. His collectors marvel at his huge selenium toned silver gelatin as well as platinum palladium prints. He has shot advertising and editorial images for a respectable list of clients for over forty years. His first commercial shoot was in 1969 when he illustrated "Collectable Advertising Tin Trays" by Jack Muzio.

Sanders grandparents lived on Catalina Island, off the coast of Los Angeles, from 1938 to 1988. So he spent much of his childhood hiking and horseback riding the trails of Catalina as well as Los Angeles and Orange County. And during those years he watched the Orange County, California barley fields turn into shopping malls. In 11/2010 Sanders closed his 4500 sq. ft. studio in Santa Ana, CA to revive his obsession for the finer arts of writing and black and white photography. You can see some of his work at: or or He has two face book pages: Tony Sanders and Long Gun Tony Sanders. Having worked in and owned several companies in the reprographic and offset printing industries his eye for the printed image is only exceeded by his desire to tell enjoyable and alluring tales of the old west.

The sequel to "Long Gun - Day of Consequence" intended for release in early 2013 is thirty percent complete as of September 1, 2012. The title is "Long Gun - Intruder on Dust Creek." "Intruder" picks up the morning after the final rain and barn episode. The little girls stand over them while they sleep whispering loudly, "Are they awake?" Then a pirate from the San Francisco Bay is hijacked and sent on the most unbelievable excursion.

The third installation of the Long Gun franchise is outlined and on deck for 2014.

Sanders is also well under way in his Science Fiction Book titled, "Star Seed - The Life and Times of Bondiulo Ramundy. Radiating from 2000 years b.c. in the South West and Yucatan Peninsula, this wild ride circumnavigates the globe, and carries on out into the far reaches of the universe in a way never thought of in the entire history of mankind.

sam the dog by tony sanders printed at age seven bio

Our dog Sam, Seven year old Tony's first silver gelatin print made in his cardboard darkroom in 1960. Yes it is turning brown and bleaching. Probably is still loaded with hypo, but he didn't know how to spell selenium in those days. But still, for a 52 year old photograph it's not bad.

branding iron image graphic from western novel long gun day of consequence by tony sanders