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Tony Sanders, Author

The Long Gun books are relaxing, engaging, fun reads with the tiniest bit of the consequence of cowboy ethics.

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Long Gun Cover

Shorty's Proclamation

Occasionally for no apparent reason, triggered by an unlikely force, over the saga of time, a chain of events will unfold. They carry on of their own accord, forging ahead with their own momentum, until they culminate, on their own terms.

Samuel “Shorty” Small -1863


Dr. Maret Kunze "A surprising and engaging snapshot into the Old West."

Chelsea Bicknel - WPRA Barrel Racer, AQHA Trainer / Breeder, Runnin To Win Performance Horses, "A well written authentic tale, I felt I was out there with them."

Vanessa Barber 7:49pm Aug 6
LOVED your book sir!! The way it was presented was wonderful. I think I'm a gonna git a plastic holder fer the coin n put it on the inside of the cover. Thanks for the trip! Xo, Vanessa

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